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よくある質問 / FAQ

Q1: Where are you based?

A1: We are mainly based in Düsseldorf, Germany. We also organise online events, so you can join us wherever you live.

A2: How can I become a member?

​A2: 問い合わせフォームからご連絡ください。

A2: Please contact us via the contact form.

Q3: “Professional”とありますが、キャリアウーマンの集まりですか?
Q3: Do I have to be a professional woman to join your group?

A3: 当会は働く・働きたい女性全てのための場です。現時点では仕事をしていないけれど、仕事復帰を考えてる方など、どなたでも参加いただけます。
Q3: We are a place for all women who work or want to work. It is open to anyone, including those who are not currently working but are thinking of returning to work.

Q4: 運営をサポートしたいのですが、どうしたら良いですか?
Q4: I would like to participate organizing your activities, how can I do this?

A4: 直接お問い合わせください。当会の活動はボランティアとなります。
A4: Please contact us. Our activities are on a volunteer basis.

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